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Shopping Secrets: Retail Insight For Maximizing Your Shopping Efforts

I've always enjoyed shopping, even as a young child. When I had the opportunity to learn some of the behind-the-scenes things that retailers do, I was beyond excited. The more I've learned and the more time I've spent in retail environments, the more certain I was that I had to share the information with others. I created this site to broaden my reach for educating others about how to make the most of their shopping experiences and get the most for their money. I hope that the information here is helpful to you as you embark on your next shopping excursion.


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3 Ideas For Storing And Displaying Your Coin Collection

Coin collectors often have so many coins that it can be challenging to come up with efficient ways to store and display the collection. It isn't practical or wise to simply toss the coins into a bag. The incessant friction and wear and tear on the coins could actually devalue the collection. The following ideas provide a way for the coin collector to get the most value out of being able to display the coins without having to handle them.

1. Make individual cardboard holders.

Individual cardboard holders help protect individual coins by separating them from other coins and encasing them in protective plastic and cardboard.

To make, simply cut out two pieces of clean cardboard at least ¼ of an inch wider than the coin. Cut out circles in the middle of the two cardboard pieces large enough to display the coin. Lay the coin in the middle of one of the pieces of cardboard. Place a clean piece of clear plastic on top of the coin. Lay the other piece of cardboard on top. Staple shut on all four sides. Now if you want to stack the cardboard holders for storage, you can easily do so without having the coins touching one another.

2. Store coins in a slot book.

Coin collectors can purchase slot books from craft and hobby stores, as well as from coin collector sites. These slot books offer a convenient way to store and display numerous coins, all within the secure pages of a cardboard book.

To use, simply fill the slots in the slot book with the coins. The book can now be stored on any bookshelf and easily examined without ever having to remove and handle the coins.

3. Store coins in cabinet drawers.

Coin cabinets are smaller cabinets with shallow drawers that are perfect for storing and displaying a coin collection. These cabinets can set atop shelves in the living room, library or sitting room, and be easily taken off whenever you want to show off the coin collection.

To use, simply lay the coins on the felt liners inside each of the cabinet drawers. For best results, keep the cabinet upright to avoid having the coins slide around in the drawers. If desired, you can place dividers in the drawers to separate coins of differing kinds.

These ideas for storing and displaying your coin collection will prove to be space saving as well as working to ensure the value of each coin is retained. To learn more about the coins you have, schedule a coin appraisal.