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Shopping Secrets: Retail Insight For Maximizing Your Shopping Efforts

I've always enjoyed shopping, even as a young child. When I had the opportunity to learn some of the behind-the-scenes things that retailers do, I was beyond excited. The more I've learned and the more time I've spent in retail environments, the more certain I was that I had to share the information with others. I created this site to broaden my reach for educating others about how to make the most of their shopping experiences and get the most for their money. I hope that the information here is helpful to you as you embark on your next shopping excursion.


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3 Tips For Styling Your Hair Easier During An Arthritis Flare-Up

When your arthritis flares up, the inflammation and pain in the joints of your hands, elbows, and shoulders may make it difficult for you to style your hair. If so, use the following three tips to make styling your hair easier on days when your arthritis makes it difficult to move your joints without pain.

Use a High-Quality Conditioner 

One key tip for styling your hair on bad days begins in the shower. After you shampoo your hair, make sure you slather on a thick coating of high-quality conditioner. Leave it on for a couple of minutes so it can completely penetrate the shafts of your hair, then rinse thoroughly.

When your hair is fully conditioned, your brush and other styling aids will easily glide through it. This reduces the amount of time you have to spend holding your hands and arms up in the air and putting a strain on your already sore joints.

Wrap a Cloth around Your Brush's Handle

Even if you have conditioned your hair to make brushing it easier, you may have trouble holding on to the brush's handle. This is especially true if the handle is narrow. Since your joints are inflamed and stiff, you may not be able to fully grasp the brush and it could easily slip out of your hand while brushing your hair.

On days when you cannot firmly grasp the handle, wrap a cloth or washcloth around it. This widens the area where you need to grip the brush, making it easier to hold on to while styling your hair.

Put Your Hair Dryer in a Hands-Free Holder

When your arthritis is acting up, your hair dryer may feel quite heavy as you try to hold it and move it around your head to dry your hair. The weight of the dryer could also cause stress on your joints, making them feel even more painful than they were before you started.

For your flare-up days, put your hair dryer in a hands-free holder. These holders are adjustable so you can easily move the blow dryer without having to lift it. Companies like Bestie Brands have options that can help.

Using the above tips can help make styling your hair less painful on days when your joints are inflamed by your arthritis. If you are interested in finding a hands-free blow dryer holder or other hair styling aids, contact a store that offers a wide range of hair care products to find out what they have to offer.