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Shopping Secrets: Retail Insight For Maximizing Your Shopping Efforts

I've always enjoyed shopping, even as a young child. When I had the opportunity to learn some of the behind-the-scenes things that retailers do, I was beyond excited. The more I've learned and the more time I've spent in retail environments, the more certain I was that I had to share the information with others. I created this site to broaden my reach for educating others about how to make the most of their shopping experiences and get the most for their money. I hope that the information here is helpful to you as you embark on your next shopping excursion.


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4 Reasons To Choose Wedge Sandals

If you are shopping for sandals this season, you may have a hard time picking one style. There are strappy flat sandals, fancy flip flops, stiletto sandals...and so many more! One style really stands out when it comes to form and function, however—the wedge sandal. Here are four reasons why the wedge sandal is a smart choice for almost any woman.

1. It lengthens your leg.

A little heel is great for your look. It lifts your calf and gives you a long, tall look. However, a wedge does this a lot more comfortably than any other heel style. A wedge that's 1-2 inches tall can make it easier for you to wear long pants without them sweeping the ground, and it can also make your legs look nicer in a medium-length skirt.

2. It does not sink into the ground.

One problem with conventional heeled sandals is that they always seem to sink into the ground! You can't walk across the grass in them without them creating holes and getting dirty. This is definitely a mess if you plan on attending a picnic, an outdoor wedding, or any other outdoor event. Wedge sandals have a larger area to support your weight, so they won't sink into the ground. You can wear them to any outdoor event and feel super stylish.

3. It does not lead to so much foot pain.

Balancing all day on a tiny stiletto heel is not great for your feet. You may end up with plantar fasciitis, or perhaps even bunions. Flat sandals, like flip flops, are not great either—they don't offer any support for your arches. Wedge sandals, especially those with a built-up sole and interior padding, offer a better amount of support and are healthier for your feet in the long term.

4. They have a casual, yet dressy look.

Wedge sandals are some of the most versatile shoes you will ever own! They are dressy enough that you can wear them to a wedding or other special event, but you can totally dress them down with casual jeans or shorts too. If you have a comfy pair of shoes, it might as well be one you can wear more than once in a while.

Try on some wedge sandals as you shop. Chances are, you will find at least one pair that you fall in love with. Contact a company like Good Choice Shoes to learn more.